Here are 5 sites that offer free Web-based & POP3 email.

Microsoft's Web-based Email ****

Yahoo's Web-based email ****

Mail.Com's Web-based email **

AZ Central Web-based Email *

USA.Com's Web-based email **

We suggest that everyone should have
multiple email addresses, and one main email address
that you use for your family and friends.  Changing email addresses is a pain , and with all the web sites that require you to register for access,
your email address gets passed out to who knows how many marketing and sales companies.

This is a good way to eliminate UBE (unsolicited bulk email, or as it is affectionately known, SPAM).  The trade off is that you have to go hunt for mail at different sites, and sometimes forget the site, the email address, and especially the password.

Speaking of passwords...
when was the last time you changed your password?

Don't you even believe that it's 100% secure.

We know that it is possible to crack a WindowsNT SAM database
(Microsoft cried when we showed it to them),
so you best change your password occassionally.
Use a combination of numbers and letters, and remember....
passwords are case sensative - toss a cap in there occassionally.
This makes password theft more difficult.